Was your house built before 1950? If it was and is of cavity wall construction, you may have wall tie problems. The wall ties, which are strong metal binds, hold the outer walls to the inner walls. In houses built before 1950 the zinc plating on the wall ties was very thin and over time it can break down and then the ties start rusting away. If the ties are of the fish tail type they can expand up to 6 times their thickness and cause cracking in the outer leaf of the walls. This you would see high up in every 6 courses of brick work. If the ties are the wire butterfly type you would not notice them rusting. When the ties rust out the walls can bow out or even fall down.
Also water seeping in through weakened mortar in the walls can cause wall ties to rust and fail and a small bulge or crack could mean that your cavity wall ties need examining and replacing. Like all building materials, these ties can become weak or damaged over time, and so it makes sense to get them checked if you feel there may be a risk of structural damage taking place.

We use new stainless steel wall ties to replace old rusting ones at very competitive prices and we have the skills and expertise to sort out any issues relating to cavity wall ties, often at short notice needed to appease the demands of mortgage lenders and buyers! Whether you are making a home salesworthy, or keeping it a robust, safe place to live, we understand that a home should be a place of warmth, security and safety. Let us take a look at any problem you may be worried about and we can help you make your home safe and sound.

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