Thanks to the widespread use of double glazing in modern properties, condensation control is a serious issue. Without proper ventilation, wetness on walls and windows can quickly lead to black fungal mould – a major health risk, particularly to the very young or the elderly.

If this is an issue in your home or office, it is imperative that you take action. Though products like extractor fans and dehumidifiers can help the problem, these are often expensive to buy and time-consuming to maintain.

Here at All-Cure, we offer the truly efficient, effective and affordable solution: The Remcon (2008) Whole House Ventilation System.

This unique and innovative system can be discreetly installed in your loft with little noticeable effect on your home’s décor. From there, it quietly releases filtered air in to your home, controlling your condensation and discouraging mould, mildew and musty smells. It can even get rid of the smell of tobacco too.

The Remcon is extremely secure and energy efficient, as the running costs are low and you won’t need to open the windows to stay ventilated. It needs little or no maintenance. There’s no water container to empty and it requires only one clean per year.

All-Cure can deliver this revolutionary system to your door for just £378. We can also offer a prior property inspection service to ensure you do have condensation in your home before installation.


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