Unfortunately, our attempts to stay cosy can be one of the main reasons why your home is affected by damp and mould, with trapped warm air leading to condensation collecting on sills and walls. Along with pipe leaks, rain leaks and rising damp, condensation can lead to damp that in turn leads to mould. When you have mould in your home you can become affected by skin irritations, allergies in the form of itchy eyes, runny nose and throat irritations, or an exacerbation in asthma attacks or complications for sufferers of respiratory disease. And all that’s before we consider the emotional distress of irrecoverable damage to your furnishings and possessions.

The good news is that controlling condensation shouldn’t be a time-consuming, costly or messy business. Here at All-Cure, we recommend The Remcon (2008) Whole House Ventilation System, one of many possible solutions to a damp problem in your home. The Remcon is an affordable and discrete solution that will sit neatly within your loft and release filtered air into your home to control condensation and discourage mould and musty smells. Incidentally, if you live with a smoker, or have pets, the Remcon can deal with these odours, too.

In the first instance, get in touch and we can take a look at the problem and work out a solution that will help you take control of a damp problem before it takes over.


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