If you are investigating damp problems within your home, then it may also be worth taking a look at your exterior masonry. The pointing, or external mortar, in your property may be deteriorating due to years of weathering, allowing water to invade and affect the structural integrity of your home. Water entering areas of masonry can freeze in winter, the act of frozen expansion leading to masonry erosion and cracks or structural damage appearing.

Take a look at your external masonry: do you think it could do with some TLC? If so, get in touch with All-Cure for a survey and some helpful advice. If you need some damage repairing then we can re-point and reinforce your exterior masonry to keep it secure against whatever adverse weather the coming seasons bring.

Your home should be a nest where you can relax and feel secure, so taking the time to seek the opinion of an expert should be something you do at the first sign of a problem. We are a family business who pride ourselves on high quality work and a fantastic service. Check our testimonials to see how our customers feel about us! We’ve been trusted tradesmen in Devon for 30 years, so give us a call today and see how we can help you.


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