One of the trickiest jobs to undertake is the structural waterproofing and tanking of areas where total damp proofing is required. This can encompass industrial applications like water treatment works, aquaria and swimming pools to domestic spaces like basements, roof terraces and car parks. If you walk through a subway, over a motorway bridge or external balcony or stairwell, spare a thought for the engineering required to keep these areas free from water damage and flooding and safe for pedestrians and motorists.

Structural waterproofing and tanking falls into five categories: cementitious tanking, cavity drainage, sprayed membranes, bonded sheet membranes and sprayed concrete. Each application has its own particular merits and specific role to play in waterproofing work and some jobs may require more than one type of treatment; we can advise you accordingly, based upon the specifics of your required work.

If you need to undertake any kind of structural waterproofing or tanking it is essential you take advice and seek the most capable experienced craftsmen for the job. Here at All-Cure, we have a wealth of experience and some fantastic customer testimonials that will reassure you and help you feel confidence when seeking our advice. Our strong ethical policy means that we quote only for work that needs to be done, and we price our time fairly and competitively. Call today for some sound advice and top quality workmanship.


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